Half Brothers
Four men from diverse backgrounds are brought together for a long
weekend by the man who may or may not be their father after he dies.

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Red Carpet
A spoiled young actress must live in a small town on her own in order to
win the role of a lifetime. She learns about life and love in this romantic
comedy. Sweet Home Alabama meets Doc Hollywood

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Red Carpet pdf.

After accidentally killing her uncle's right hand man, a mobster's niece and
her friends attempt to save her life while stealing her uncle's money.

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Missfire pdf.

The Best Revenge
A geeky young man becomes wealthy beyond his wildest dreams by
selling his internet company. He transforms himself and sets off to get
revenge on some people from his past. Along the way, he falls in love
with one of his intended victims.

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Dreamz 4 U
A marketing man forms a boy band and guides them to stardom. The
boys are not happy break away to do it their way, with disastrous results.

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Dreamz 4 U pdf.

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